Miffy and Friends Lamps Mr Maria

Miffy lamps are a coveted night light here in Australia with stock often running out long before the next shipment even arrives. They are as unique as they are gorgeous.

Dick Bruna was the artist behind the popular series of books called Miffy. The series features Miss Miffy and her friends and was both written and illustrated by the famed artist.

The first in the series was produced in 1955 with almost 30 other titles following.

Flash forward and the famous Miss Miffy and friends was developed in to a stunning selection of night lights by Dutch design studio Mr Maria. In their own words:

"Mr Maria aims to create eye-catching products for children of all ages. Shaping clouds into pure, clean and warm creations is our main goal as designers. “We don’t make products, we create stars!”"

To read more about the design company you can visit their website here: https://mrmaria.com/

We are so thrilled to be able to stock the Miffy Lamps, but be warned. At the time of writing this there is no more stock due to arrive on Australian shores until 2018. Once stock is sold out - that's it Australia wide until next year. So if you love it - grab it while you can or there may be a lengthy wait.